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People Who Live by Love with Enrique
Enrique Megano Beach

I try to avoid nostalgia. I try to avoid looking back. And sometimes I fail. Nostalgia can be very seductive especially when it, when the moment, is unrecoverable, irretrievable. I had occasion lately to encounter again some older photos of Enrique and I just could not leave them alone. I could retrieve, if not the moment, the photos at least.

Often models run out of energy and enthusiasm before I do. Models know that “one more” never means “one more”. And this was Enrique at the end of a long early-morning shoot. He hadn’t nearly spent his enthusiasm or commitment or seduction either.

After cleaning off the sand from our beach shoot, I took the tireless Enrique to an old building, smeared in yellows and ochres, just in from Megano Beach. The little concrete building was covered in graffiti and littered with beer cans, rum bottles, cigarette butts and cigar stubs. Preparing these photos, I even got nostalgic for the graffiti, or the stories behind the graffiti. “Adonis y Wendy” – with crowns and hearts. “Te Amo Adonis – Wendy”. “Bebe, I need you – Wendy”. “Personas q’ vive de Amor A y W” – people who live by love.  Just once, under Adonis’ name, in parentheses, “Iron Boys”. Did the Iron Boys still exist? Or did they grow out of their fervent but adolescent association? Did Adonis and Wendy still live by love? Did Wendy still need Adonis? Were they still together? I think that little yellow building just in from Megano Beach might be gone now. I returned to look for it once and found no trace of it.  

Here’s my nostalgic turn for Enrique then, dedicated to people who live by love and to Adonis and Wendy. With much thanks to ADON Magazine and to Hommes Sans Frontieres (IG: @hommes_sans_frontieres) for another brilliant work.

Enrique Megano Beach by Hommes Sans Frontieres


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