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2015 Print Sale

It’s Happening: my 2 for 1 Print Sale

Order one print directly from my website. And I will contact you by email with instructions how to select another print. Order one and get two archival quality prints. Order two and get four. Order five and get ten. You get the idea.

I can’t do this often and I can’t do this for long. The fine print: Offer valid for orders placed on or after September 22 and until October 12, 2015. Offer valid for print sizes of 12″x18″ and 16″x24″ only.

Print Sale 2015

Why? I miss Cuba. And I got restless, and reckless too, and I’m heading back to Cuba soon but, well, I need money to work when I get there. Your investment in my work and my passion will directly sponsor my next work and will let me do all the work that I want to do.   

See You in September

Happy September, everybody. It has been a distracting summer – well, summer should be at least a little distracting. Meanwhile, I’m working through material for a new campaign with Modus Vivendi. And I will get back to publishing updates of my Cuban work, shortly. Lo prometo. Watch out for an update to this site by the end of September.

Members Bonus with the Honeybrown Twins

As a special thank you to my loyal members, I have just added a bonus gallery of 25 extra images from The Honeybrown Twins at Mi Cayito Part 2.

The Honeybrown Twins at Mi Cayito Part 2

Recently Added: The Honeybrown Twins at Mi Cayito Part 2. I have been missing Marlon and Andro – the Honeybrown Twins. Before dawn, we got a cab and got out of the city. We arrived at Mi Cayito just as the silver-shining sun crested the horizon. The beach was empty and nearly pristine. To have that great big space and that great big sea and to have the brothers too was too much to wish for. Featuring the Navy Line from Modus Vivendi. And stay tuned for a special bonus in the next few weeks for my members.

The Honeybrown Twins at Mi Cayito, Part 2 is featured on Male Underwear and Burbujas de Deseo.  And Part 1 of this set is featured on BeautifulMag.

Portfolio Update: More Marineros

More Marineros features the Navy Line from Modus Vivendi and marineros Luis Angel, Ricardo, and Jean and Omar. The first time I went through this set, I had to get it done quite quickly but I couldn’t help return to these photos and to the beach, Mi Cayito.

You should see my casting notes for this shoot which changed every day for nearly two weeks. I had just met Luis Angel and he was a last minute addition, really, and I couldn’t be more pleased with his work. Meanwhile, I had run into Omar on the street just a few days before this shoot and he was immediately enthusiastic about working with me again – and with his brother, Jean, of course. It was great to have one more chance to work with twins Jean and Omar; the first time I worked with them, on a rooftop rather than a beach, was more than seven years ago. I don’t mean to overlook the studly Ricardo. I was so grateful to have him back on the beach. My last trip, the first time I got Ricardo on the beach, it had been rather cool and windy. So it was sure nice to have another go with Ricardo.

Welcome to my New Website

What’s all this?

Don’t worry. It’s still me. I have finally updated this website. I needed a better engine for loading and showing my images. I have tried to optimize this website for a good compromise of quality and speed.  And, I hope, this website should now look and act better on mobile devices.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to Subscribe to my Newsletter below: Be the first to get news about this website and photography updates, as well as to receive special offers. I will not share your personal information and I will send out updates only once a month.

Ordering Prints

Now you can order prints directly from this website. While viewing my images, there are new buttons that let you add images to a shopping cart and let you buy while you are going though my portfolio.


Whew. It was a very big project, recreating this website from the ground up. If you see anything strange, or if something doesn’t work or look as expected, please let me know here: Thank you.

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With Kai Karenin

I continue to love these, of course, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t drop these now that I’ve updated my website. Some of my photography with Jorge Luis and GNS re-imagined by the wholly remarkable Russian artist, Kai Karenin. Visit Kai’s portfolio here:

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Updated Galleries – The Rooftop Shower with Michel and Jorge Luis

While updating my website, I also took the opportunity to update images in a few legacy galleries, including The Rooftop Shower with Michel and Jorge Luis. Oh to have again that rooftop shower, that day, those boys. I decided that many of the images were too  saturated and I cleaned up the colouring. 

Updated Galleries – Enrique at Megano Beach Part 1

While updating my website, I also took the opportunity to update images in a few legacy galleries, including Enrique at Megano Beach, Part 1. Ah, Megano beach – to have that vivid tranquility again. A number of these images were black and white, but I’ve added the colour back in this updated set. 


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