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Musas en el Museo: El Toro
Musas en El Museo El Toro
We didn’t have much time. I met El Toro on Calle Mercaderes where he stood a head above a gaggle of tourists with slow feet and fast eyes. I collected him and brought him into La Casa de los MarquĂ©ses de Arcos in Habana VIeja. The mansion has been a doctor’s office, a treasury, an arts college, and a post office. It is being transformed now into a museum; and what a remarkable place to show off my muses. It’s Sunday but even still there are dozens of workers. Bless El Toro: he gives me dedication and focus and fuerza even as the workers pass by to watch. There is one older worker in particular who scurries away when I spot him. But doggedly he returns every single time to watch. El Toro, unfettered, is strong and proud and shameless.


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