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All Eyes on Cuba

I know that it might seem like I have been missing.  But I’m right here working through new work. I was in Cuba. And then I was distracted by life and a busted up thumb too. And I was working through a couple of commercial photo shoots. But my thumb mostly works and I’m still working too. I’m back on my own work and on my own schedule too. I hope to share some new work with El Toro in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, with all eyes on Cuba, the Advocate recently shared this gallery of my work: Eyes on Cuba.

From the Advocate: “Kevin Slack has been visiting his favorite exile, Cuba, since 2000, documenting the country and especially the men, while building an extensive portfolio. While that country is tilted on the edge of change, Kevin continues to return, trying to uncover the restless and vital spirit of Cuba and Cuban men. While he focuses mainly on Havana, Kevin has traveled the island from Pinar del Rio to Holguin.”

Where’s Kevin?

I’m still here.  And I’m still working, I promise.  I have been working on a couple of commercial photo shoots that I can’t really tell you about yet.  And they are shot and edited and ready – well almost.  But I can’t share them yet, until the companies are ready to launch their campaigns.  Meanwhile, in a couple of weeks, I will be back to my own work and my own publishing schedule. And I hope my updates are a little speedier and a little more regular. Thank you for your support and your patience.

The Virtus Line by Modus Vivendi
Cianan Modus Vivendi Virtus Line

Modus Vivendi just released their new Virtus Line: heart and body warming underwear, singlets, and funky accessories. Shot in Toronto, Canada with exceptionally photogenic and handsome Cianan.  

 Cianan Modus Vivendi Virtus Line


And you can watch the backstage video from the Virtus Line campaign here.

Captain Cuba on BeautifulMag
BeautifulMag Captain Cuba

Check out my interview on BeautifulMag – Captain Cuba / Cuba Libre.  Jorge Luis, Kevin Slack’s long-standing muse, is a monument of man and of Cuba too. One of his favorite models, favorite Cubans, favorite friends, Jorge Luis has already left Cuba. It was only by accident that they were in Havana at the same time, and found a moment to work together for one more last time: “And here I leave him, my Captain Cuba, my muse photographed in the museum.”

Jorge Luis wears a Cuba bikini by CA-RIO-CA Wear.

BeautifulMag Captain Cuba

Happy Holidays 2015
Captain Cuba Jorge Luis

I wish you and yours a Feliz Navidad and a very merry holiday. I also want to take this opportunity to thank in particular Burbujas de Deseo and BeautifulMag and Modus Vivendi for a sensational 2015.

I have new work coming, I promise. I have two campaigns shot and edited and ready to launch and I can’t wait to share them with you. Meanwhile I will have new content published here in the next few weeks. For now, here’s Captain Cuba, aka, Jorge Luis in a CA-RIO-CA Cuba bikini.

Captain Cuba Jorge LuisCaptain Cuba Jorge LuisCaptain Cuba Jorge Luis


I’m always happy to hear from my followers and fans. Ask me anything here. And if you’re really motivated, you can check out some of my, yes, older interviews here:

Adoration in Three Fits, the Third Fit

After waiting for too long to see again Marlon and Andro, the Honeybrown Twins, they spoiled me on the beach at Mi Cayito. They were tireless. Just after the end of this, we climbed up the sandy hills and enjoyed a few cold midday beers, Cristales, and got to know each other again. Featuring fashions from Modus Vivendi.

Engagement Photos by Jorge Luis

Recently Added: Engagement Photos by Jorge Luis. After their first time working together, Raudel had been waiting to work with Jorge Luis again. So when Raudel and Johnny wanted to take their engagement photos, Jorge Luis was the obvious choice. The boys might not have got much use from the photographs really, but they did find some use for the photographer. 

The space was a little crowded. And they broke the bed. But I think we made out alright. And poor Jorge Luis had an exam later that day and had been studying all night. But Raudel and Johnny – and, yes, me too – were very happy that he showed up. Things really heated up on this shoot and there are so many more images in the members section.

2015 Print Sale

It’s Happening: my 2 for 1 Print Sale

Order one print directly from my website. And I will contact you by email with instructions how to select another print. Order one and get two archival quality prints. Order two and get four. Order five and get ten. You get the idea.

I can’t do this often and I can’t do this for long. The fine print: Offer valid for orders placed on or after September 22 and until October 12, 2015. Offer valid for print sizes of 12″x18″ and 16″x24″ only.

Print Sale 2015

Why? I miss Cuba. And I got restless, and reckless too, and I’m heading back to Cuba soon but, well, I need money to work when I get there. Your investment in my work and my passion will directly sponsor my next work and will let me do all the work that I want to do.   

See You in September

Happy September, everybody. It has been a distracting summer – well, summer should be at least a little distracting. Meanwhile, I’m working through material for a new campaign with Modus Vivendi. And I will get back to publishing updates of my Cuban work, shortly. Lo prometo. Watch out for an update to this site by the end of September.


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