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Happy Holidays 2016
Happy Holidays from Kevin Slack Photography

I want to wish you and yours a joyous holiday and prosperous new year. It’s time for family and friends and merry-making; it’s also time for list-making – and I am a chronic list-maker – as well as counting our blessings. I have much to be grateful for this past year.

Last January, Modus Vivendi released their Virtus line that I shot in Toronto with model, Cianan:

I was honoured to work with Modus Vivendi again on the beaches of Cuba for their Rainbow Line:

And I had so much fun putting together the shoot for The Eighth with Ricardo and Jorge Luis and new model, Yunier:

One of my classic photos of Enrique made the cover of German photography anthology, Mein Schwules Auge (My Gay Eye) #13, with more of my images inside:

Meanwhile, I had a calendar ready for 2017. It was all edited and designed.  But, with challenges with my publisher and my printer, it had to be postponed. Hopefully I can produce a 16 month calendar that will be available by next summer.  And maybe even, by next year, I can finally settle into the idea – after teasing with it for so long – of assembling a book of my photos. Let me know if you have any ideas or favourite images. Keep an eye out. After the new year – hopefully not long after the new year – I will be releasing a new set with the honeybrown twins, Marlon and Andro, cavorting on the farm. 

Castro refuses monuments. I have always said that I monumentalize the men of Cuba; at least for me, they serve as monuments of Cuba and monuments to Cuba. And, as always, I end this year wistfully missing my Cuban friends and hoping I can get back soon to see old friends and produce new work. I am so grateful to fans and followers of my work, especially my collectors.  If you want to help fund another return to Cuba, I humbly hang up my stocking and I say: consider investing in my prints. I also now have posters available with a special promotion code available through the holidays: NAVIDAD2016.  And, yes, there are still discount memberships available with full access to all of my photos too. Feel free to share this message with friends who might be interested in my photography. Thanks for sharing my passion with me and, again, for all your support.

Feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo.

Vany the Farmer Boy
Vany the Farmer

I am a farmer’s son. I often miss having the big blue sky and all the space in the world. I went looking for a farm outside of Havana where I found Vany, another farmer’s son, to take me back in the fields to show me around.  This vaquero, this cowboy shines golden – with fine blond hairs sparkling on his sun-bronzed skin, with his broad toothy smile, and with his disarmingly limpid aquamarine eyes.

Here’s space and quiet on god’s green earth, here’s a big blue tropical sky, here’s dazzling sunlight and palm frond shadows.  And, yes, here’s Vany the Vaquero, shameless in his sparkling skin, with what must be a rich surplus of space and of time.

Posters Now Available
Kevin Slack Photography Posters

I am pleased to now offer a selection of my work as posters. Kevin Slack Photography Posters are available at 20 x 30″ and 16 x 24″ on either satin paper or glossy paper. I will be adding more to my selection shortly – but if I am missing one of your favorites, let me know here.  Interested in a discount for bulk orders? Let me know the details here. And check out the selection of posters here.  For a limited time, save 10% on your first order, with promo code POSTERS10.

Ricardo in Briefs or Jockstrap

After the shoot for Anatomia, Jean left.  We still had the space and I still had some ideas and Ricardo still wanted to show off. So we earnestly scrubbed Ricardo’s skin clean – Ricardo is ticklish in all the regular places and a few irregular ones too. 

Ricardo first filled out and showed off the Boho Briefs by Modus Vivendi and then the jockstrap. But after he stripped down, it was no contest: I’ll take Ricardo in his own glorious skin any day. 

With Christopher Côté

I have been wanting to work with Christopher for years. I had a photo shoot booked with Chris in the summer of 2015 and, when it fell through, it broke my heart a little. So, mid-summer 2016, I went to him, to Quebec, Quebec. I am quite used to meeting models, but I was still uncommonly giddy and nervous to meet with Chris for the first time.

I was staying in a back corner of Old Quebec – just far enough away from the more bustling Rue Saint-Jean – in quite a nice apartment-style hotel room and, just after my first coffee too early on a Sunday morning, I met him outside. Chris was dappled-drawn in the morning light under the trees of the park across the street. And while he is strong enough and handsome enough and swarthy enough to be intimidating, he was immediately affable and friendly and funny too.

Chris is featured on FashionablyMale and twice on DNA in Part 1 and Part 2.

Anatomia with Ricardo and Jean
Anatomia by Kevin Slack

I have learned to speak a little Spanish, but never enough, of course. I have some experience with photo shoot Spanish.  So much so that even when I photograph anglophone models, I want to direct them in Spanish. The tricky part isn’t the names of things but all of that imperative tense.

I also have anatomy Spanish, which, yes, is altogether useful. To help others with anatomy Spanish, Jean gives you some direction with the assistance of Ricardo, and with Ricardo’s body as his canvas. It took Jean a while, and a few tries, to write “ombligo” the way I wanted it. And Ricardo was distractingly and amusingly ticklish for “axila”.

I might have learned anatomy Spanish faster, had I had Ricardo’s body for direction and as a study aid.  Meanwhile, I normally don’t get to touch my models but,  gratefully, I got to write one of the words on Ricardo. I’m not telling you which one.

Special Membership Promo – Limited Offer
Kevin Slack Photography Membership Promo

Have you been putting off buying a membership with Kevin Slack Photography?  Well, now is your best time to sign up. Now available: 100 memberships for just $10 for full access to all my photography for one month. That’s nearly 50% off the regular price! With no recurring fees.

Once I have sold 100 memberships, this promotion will end. And I cannot promise that I will do it again. Or when.  Click here for details and to sign up before this limited offer ends.

Rainbow Swimwear Line by Modus Vivendi
Modus Vivendi Rainbow Line

It’s a hazy mid-summer in Cuba and Modus Vivendi has officially released my set of work on Megano Beach with Randy, Jose Alejandro and Hector for their new Rainbow Line.

With much thanks to Modus Vivendi, Burbujas de Deseo, Fashionably Male, Twisted Male Magthe Underwear Expert, and MEN & underwear for the PR.

Static Electricity with James and Gabriel
Static Electricity with James & Gabriel

James, sexy, smart and sleepy-eyed James, is based in the UK. When he contacted me to collaborate, he was enthusiastic when I proposed a duo shoot. And so I got in touch with Toronto-based Gabriel. For the initial part of the shoot, I kept the boys apart, and forced them to ignore each other. When they finally got together, James and Gabriel sparked such a natural and voracious chemistry and they gave me something really electrifying. With thanks and gratitude to Peter and Steve for their beautiful home. Look for the cameo by Billy the dog.

I also invite you to check out Yunier for THE EIGHTH in Adon Magazine. And Ricardo for THE EIGHTH on Fashionably Male.

THE EIGHTH in Havana
Yunier for THE EIGHTH

I recently had the opportunity to create work for THE EIGHTH in Cuba – where I worked with Jorge Luis and Ricardo and new recruit, Yunier in the heart of Old Havana in La Casa de los Marquéses de Arcos.

La Casa de los Marquéses de Arcos, like so much of Havana, is currently under renovation. Fernando, the construction boss, was happy to provide me with hard hats and overalls and even picks and axes. But, curiously, he had no boots. I had also arranged with Fernando to work on a Sunday when nobody was scheduled to work. However, Fernando called me on Saturday night to explain that deadlines and work have been recently accelerated and so there would be teams working. I was welcome to claim a space, he said, while assuring me that I would be left alone to my work.

When we arrived early Sunday morning before 8am there were already groups of tourists on Mercaderes street marveling at the old mansion. That’s a new trend: organized consumption. Inside, the construction boss gave me another tour of the space. I looked for an interesting space with more light and less workers. With groups of tourists wandering in off the street, it was smarter to work upstairs. And so we settled on a large room on the top floor facing Mercaderes street. We had spotted at least a dozen workers in various cavernous rooms that honeycombed off the main open square that cut right down the middle of the mansion. They were chipping at walls, or busy with woodwork or ironwork and, indeed, they had no boots. They were working in sneakers.

At our work, we were not left alone as much as we had been promised. At first, workers would pass by but much too slowly. Before long, the more curious or the more brave just stood around and watched.  But there was nothing to do for it and the models did not mind. The painting on the wall in some of these photos is original work dating from at least before 1844.

THE EIGHTH visits Havana on The Underwear Expert:

I’ve also added a new gallery of El Toro to my portfolio: Brutal Tranquility – Studies of El Toro. I shot El Toro in Los Jardines de Hershey near Santa Cruz del Norte. We found a quiet spot by a river near a short but rambunctious waterfall and set to work. He appears as glorious as ever in his birthday suit on the top of the hills about the town that Hershey built. Yes, it was his birthday.


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